The chairs in the installation will be made from light metal "water pipes" and the fabric on the chairs will be custom designed and printed on cloth using soy inks and non toxic materials. The imagery on the fabrics will represent the various stages of purifying water, just like the fabric designs on the curtain maze.  Each chair is made for the viewer to sit on.  Small speakers embedded in the chair designs allow the sitter to listen to the spoken word, chants, and music originally composed for this installation.  The soundtrack for each chair highlights one of the stages in waster water management and treatment.  

The first chair contains music that describes the problem of having no sanitation system in place--water bourn diseases.  The definition of these water bourn diseases, are sung and chanted. The soundtrack is serious, with a touch of humor.  The 2nd chair plays a musical composition that describes the primary and secondary wastewater treatment stages.  Environmental sounds documented at the wastewater plants, augment this spoken word musical composition.  The 3rd chair plays a musical composition referencing the final stages of wastewater treatment including polishing constructed wetlands.  Environmental sounds from constructed wetlands augment the spoken/sung   score. So we have the "problem" in the fist chair, the stages of water purification in the 2nd chair, and the "future" solutions in the 3rd musical chair.

The umbrella that towers over these three custom made chairs, also contains a custom designed fabric that references the "fully purified water." and its use.  The custom made umbrella in this installation is about 10 feet in diameter.

The video projected on the wall, is made from photographs of the various stages of water purification, it is beautiful and depicts slowly evolving circles of microorganisms and liquids, in the wastewater purification process.  The sound track/musical score for this piece is composed of modified Gregorian chants, and other musical compositions and narratives that reference the purification of wastewater, from sludge to potable water utilizing biological, chemical and physical transformation.